Bryanna and the City

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Into the search of bunnies

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Thanks for the concern...

I said if I don't blog "tomorrow" call an ambulance...thanks for the concern...almost a week later. I subsisted off of cosmetics and hairspray for two days while I fell in and out of a coma....thanks again, I totally have your backs... *ahem* ...whatever.



I don't have much time, except to tell you that Chandler Bing and I would totally get along...anyone see the "duties" episode? Well, if you haven't too bad for, and if you have...something similar happened to me recently.

In my Anthropology 407 class...something to do with field work I think, we have a text book authored by a man named Paul Kutsche.

Guess how my prof pronounces his last name?


The first time she said it, I was like "no you di'int!" and then she kept saying it.."coochie says this"..."in the coochie text...". I was looking around the class thinking this is funny stuff, but no one else seemed to flinch or even notice. What?!! People, our teacher just said "coochie"!!!! At least crack a smile...something!!

So I left the class feeling like a dirty 2 year old boy.

Wait, I am a dirty 2 year old boy.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

If I don't blog tomorrow, call an ambulance...

My vision is becoming blurry and I'm finding it hard to breathe. This guy is outside my window trimming the big hedge that surrounds the front yard of my place and his crazy gas powered trimmer thingy is leaking fumes into my room. How gross is that? It's like there's a running lawn mower in my bedroom! I guess I could get up and close the window, but my legs have become numb and I'm feeling a little dizzy....he..l...p!

Ah, it's so great to be back in school!

Total time spent procrastinating: 5.5 hours
Total time spent finishing Anth. assignment #2: 2.25 hours
Total time spent jumping around my room chanting "I'm a genius! I'm a genius!": 0.05 hours

Yes, people, I'm a genius. Just thought you'd like to know that.

Don't take it personally...

I just hate email. I don't know when my hatred for email developed, but recently, writing emails to anyone but my Profs has become about as appealing as going to the dentist for a cleaning in the afternoon. I just don't like it. See I said "it", not "you". The reason I bring this up is because I've been getting people a little miffed lately due to my lack of email correspondence...but you see, I've always been the type of person to work on my own time...and to me, email does not let me do this. People expect prompt responses nowadays and, I'm sorry, but I just don't work like that. What happened to writing letters? Now letters, were actually meaningful. I had a Korean pen pal for over two years. I would receive letters from her maybe 6 times a year...and that was great...that was ENOUGH! Now, you can send a bajillion emails to the same person in one day...there are no limits!! It's maddening I tell you!!! Don't get me wrong...I do send the occasional email, WHEN I AM IN AN EMAIL MOOD. But if I'm not...I'm sorry, but it just won't happen. Yes, this may seem selfish, but I don't tend to look at it that way...because I'm not saying don't ever email, just don't always expect to receive an email back.

This morning's rant has been brought to you by the letter B. As in "B is for Biatch". Now leave me alone I have a paper to write.

Monday, October 03, 2005

OMG! I woke up with a liver disorder and a kidney infection...

So I woke up this morning and had my morning pee and when I went to flush the toilet I noticed something a little "funky". My pee was brown. Yeah. B.R.O.W.N! I started to freak out a know, trying to figure out when I could go to the hospital because obviously I was dying. Then I remembered that I could just go and Google "brown urine". The first thing a saw was liver disorder (holy crap!). An then I saw kidney infection (ouch!!). An then I saw eating beets (I think we have a winner!!!). Yeah...I ate a lot of beets last you can breathe was just the beets!!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Somebody please take the cupcakes away from me!

I feel like such a porker. I had a cupcake for dinner last night and another cupcake for breakfast this morning. And these aren't your regular sleazy cupcakes that you had as a child. Nuh-uh. These are cupcakes from a store on Davies and Denman called "Cupcakes", oddly enough, that have almost the same amount of icing as cake on them. And they're also called fun names like "Cosmopolitan". So, while I sit here at my desk trying to write a paper about Granville Island and its sociological intereesting facts, the four remaining devils are calling out to me...can you hear them?

Eat me..
Eat me...
Eat me....

The *L* Bomb...

I take dropping the *L * bomb very seriously. It's one thing that I strickly reserve for my immediate family and friends that I've known and loved for many years. So when someone drops the *L* bomb on me...out of seemingly nowhere, it's a big deal. No. It's HUGE. How is one to react to an ambush *L* bomb from someone that at times he or she is not even sure he or she actually likes? I had to walk the fine line of him actually being serious and him just saying it as a joke or a scheme. Which, if you're wondering, goes like this: "Really?...You're serious?...I'm so confused." So now I'm left here wondering...what am I supposed to do with this information? Should I throw the *L* bomb behind a bush and duck for cover or just wait and see what happens? Either way, I'm so confused.