Bryanna and the City

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stuff & Things

I bought a new bikini yesterday. I need one for this weekend since we'll be staying on a lake and even if it's raining and miserable I will, at some point, make my way into that water. The last time I bought a bikini was two summers ago before I went to Greece. It served me well, but was unfortunately ruined when I slathered my body with an orange clay mixture at the hot springs in Santorini. The clay stained my bikini and I haven't really felt like wearing it in public since. It's perfectly fine structurally, it just always looks dirty. So on my lunch hour yesterday, I ran over to Sportchek and bought myself a new one. A risky move, I know, but it worked out well in the end. I didn't have time to scrutinize my body in the full length mirror because I only had 45 minutes to find one. The one I finally chose, was the one I thought looked silly when I first saw it. It turned out to be quite cute when I tried it on though. It's black and white (like my old one) with red frilly reminds me of Betty Boop. The top and bottom were sold separately, which means I could fit the top to my chest size and the bottom to my ass size. Which, when you have a bootay like mine (thanks for pointing this out Mike, you're a sweetheart and not creepy all...), is necessary when you want to achieve a perfect fit (i.e. not have half your ass hanging out or a droopy top, depending on which part of the body you choose to fit). I also started packing last night, which is harder to do than usual when you're not sure what the weather will be like or how many times you will slip in horse shit. Ahh...fiddle dee dee. Happy first day of summer!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Saving my cowboy and riding a horse instead...yee-haw!

In just five short days Sean and I, along with some other friends, will be packing our cowboy hats, chaps, and spurs and heading over here for two nights and three days. We get our own horse, cabin, and all meals provided for the entire weekend. I'm so excited! My butt, however, is not.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dear Me

Hi body, Bryanna here.

Is there something we need to talk about? Have I done something to offend you? Is this "silent treatment" going to continue much longer because I really don't have time to worry about your needs and your wants on a regular (heh) basis. No, really! Most people don't have to deal with the crap (heh) that you make me go through. It started out as just an occasional annoyance, but now it's happening on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

I've sought medical treatment, like everyone has told me to do, but the doctors? The people who are supposed to heal you? They keep telling me the exact same thing. Which is, essentially, what I've been doing for the past couple of months.


Now, I may not always have my 8 glasses of water a day, but I do try. I keep the little green water bottle near my desk full and sip and re-fill it all day. I play ultimate, beach volleyball, and soccer every week. I go to the gym and I try to ride my bike to as many of these activities as possible. I choke down a mixture of Metamucil* and orange juice every day, which is not only disgusting, but also slightly humiliating. I do all of these things and, still, you do not oblige me. Well, actually, to be fair, you do behave well up to a certain point. Maybe 5 days. Then you suddenly decide that what I am doing is just not good enough and you seemingly shut down...until you awaken again and that's a whole other scary story.

When this happens I get anxious. I worry about you a lot and then I worry more knowing that this anxiety will only make things worse for both you and me. I get angry and short tempered and, worst of all, I become very uncomfortable in my own skin.

So, I'm hoping that you'll cut me some slack and start treating me with the same respect that I give you. It's only fair.

Your hopeful friend,


* As a child I remember watching Metamucil commercials and thinking that it looked quite yummy. I would slap my 5 year old self now...if only I could.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Looking forward to the weekend and looking up

When I look up from my computer *monitors, I see a blue sky speckled with fluffy, white cumulus clouds and the Sun, The Vancouver Sun, that is. On a typical day in Vancouver the large, dark grey sign mocks me from its conspicuous location - the top of Granville Square tower - the rain temporarily obscures my view of the North shore mountains, and I can't help but marvel at the irony of it all.

Just now, a seagull flew past my window. Well, not really flew, more like glided...seemingly effortlessly. Yesterday, I witnessed one take a huge crap. I couldn't help but wonder if an unlucky soul was the recipient of the white, slippery substance below. I did however, resist the urge to get up from my seat and check.

When I strain my neck a little more to the left, I can see the IMAX theatre and Canada Place. Like most days, there is a cruise ship docked in the terminal. It will be heading to Alaska soon. Probably tonight, they usually don't stay docked for long. The idea of going on a cruise ship vacation has never appealed to me. I do possess the typical "piscinean" affinity towards the ocean, but I think I would prefer a more intimate and rugged boat on water experience. This probably goes back to my sailing days.

The 111 foot schooner I spent 30 cumulative days of my life sleeping, eating, and laughing until I peed my pants on was devoid of a buffet, spa, pool, shower, and even...flushable toilets. However, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life - too amazing to articulate with words. To me, going on a cruise would be selling out to my old sailor self...and besides, I would probably just gain 10 pounds anyways (I don't do well with buffets).

So, what do you see when you look up?

* I get two flat screen monitors because I'm just that important, but of course you knew that already "because I got it like that".