Bryanna and the City

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Thanks for the concern...

I said if I don't blog "tomorrow" call an ambulance...thanks for the concern...almost a week later. I subsisted off of cosmetics and hairspray for two days while I fell in and out of a coma....thanks again, I totally have your backs... *ahem* ...whatever.



I don't have much time, except to tell you that Chandler Bing and I would totally get along...anyone see the "duties" episode? Well, if you haven't too bad for, and if you have...something similar happened to me recently.

In my Anthropology 407 class...something to do with field work I think, we have a text book authored by a man named Paul Kutsche.

Guess how my prof pronounces his last name?


The first time she said it, I was like "no you di'int!" and then she kept saying it.."coochie says this"..."in the coochie text...". I was looking around the class thinking this is funny stuff, but no one else seemed to flinch or even notice. What?!! People, our teacher just said "coochie"!!!! At least crack a smile...something!!

So I left the class feeling like a dirty 2 year old boy.

Wait, I am a dirty 2 year old boy.