Bryanna and the City

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

"Don't hold back. . .my finger is on the button" I haven't blogged since Mykonos, but give me a break I've been busy, you know, sipping back fruity drinks on the beach and scamming scooter rides from Australian boys. I can't believe I only have one more day left in Santorini..then it's back to Athens and then London and then...home. I have to admit, I do appreciate Canada a lot more after being here...but I will miss this life. Waking up at noon, eating, swimming, drinking...yup, I will miss it. Even though I lost my only left contact on the first day, got strep throat, lost my voice when I contracted a(nother) cold (I still sound like a crazy old smoker chick...which the boys seem to enjoy..ha ha ha), woke up with a full body rash (tres sexy) and have a nasty bruise from a bike accident. I have so many stories to tell you...such as being surrounded by Italian men demanding me to "dance" for them, an incident involving a "slow grind" and a speedo, riding a donkey up 200 steps, swimming among dead fish and a request to "take me in Greece"...but those stories will have to wait until I'm not paying for the pleasure to write this. I was going to say "only -- days until I'm back home", but I've lost track of what day it is...huh...and I'm too lazy to figure it out ;)