Bryanna and the City

Thursday, November 29, 2007

So...two months later (ramblings)

I bet you missed really, you missed me right? Because I totally missed you. To say the past couple of months have been interesting would be an understatement. The past couple of months have been crazy, exciting, lonely, wonderful, and quite life changing. Yes, I said life many different ways. If I knew then, you know, back when I decided that working two part-time jobs, one of them being a Line Cook in a busy, large restaurant, would be "fun" and "new", what I know now, would I do it again? Yeah, I think I would. I've met some great people these past two months, some not so great, but on the most part, I've enjoyed getting to know each and every person that I've met at my two "part-time" jobs. I use part-time loosely because I ended up working 55 hour work weeks with no days off. My longest stretch without a break was 38 days. This, along with the change from a desk job and having literally no time to eat, translated into a 20lb weight loss. 10 of which was needed, 10 of which freaked my mom out when my parents came to visit last weekend. I ended up quitting the restaurant job earlier than I had initially planned. It was too much. We were already short staffed when I arrived, three people quit within 3 weeks of me starting, and personal issues within the kitchen staff made for a very toxic work environment in a setting that is already stressful in itself. If I wasn't laughing and having a great time, I was trying to resist the urge to curl up on the line floor and sob uncontrollably or throw things at the patrons...either would have been good. So, yeah, it was a little too much for a fragile person like me. I gave my two weeks notice to the pet food store yesterday, which is both sad and exciting. I love working there - most of the time. I don't get paid much, but I do get to snorgle the cute dogs that come in and give them treats. If I can't have a dog, this is the next best thing. This also means that my trip to South East Asia with Sean is coming up fast...really fast. Since I'm moving out of my apartment this month, like right now - I'm just taking a break, I'm pretty much already packed..yes, in case you haven't noticed already, I'm a tad obsessive compulsive. I bought three (3!) new bikinis, which means I'll have five in total to bring. I love them. Oh yeah, Speaking of moving, I think I've killed about 15 spiders today. I sucked them all up with the vacuum cleaner...I felt a little sad for them, but I guess they had it coming. The little buggers haven't paid rent for months. Can you tell I haven't eaten much today? I will get some sushi once I've posted this. Hmmm....hmmm...what else? Oh yeah, I have a lump in my left breast, the same breast that I had a lump removed from over 4 years ago, anyways, the doctors think it's nothing serious, but I have to get ultrasounds done of it every 6 months. Yeah, gotta love having a random person rub gel on your breast and then repeatedly dig into your sore lump with the wand. Seriously woman! It freaking hurt. Plus, when she squeezed out the gel it sputtered on my face and hair...ha was a little awkward. Alrighty then, I think you're all caught up. When I get some time, which, quite honestly, could be never, I'll go into more details about some of the stuff I've mentioned, but until then...peace!