Bryanna and the City

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stuff & Things

I bought a new bikini yesterday. I need one for this weekend since we'll be staying on a lake and even if it's raining and miserable I will, at some point, make my way into that water. The last time I bought a bikini was two summers ago before I went to Greece. It served me well, but was unfortunately ruined when I slathered my body with an orange clay mixture at the hot springs in Santorini. The clay stained my bikini and I haven't really felt like wearing it in public since. It's perfectly fine structurally, it just always looks dirty. So on my lunch hour yesterday, I ran over to Sportchek and bought myself a new one. A risky move, I know, but it worked out well in the end. I didn't have time to scrutinize my body in the full length mirror because I only had 45 minutes to find one. The one I finally chose, was the one I thought looked silly when I first saw it. It turned out to be quite cute when I tried it on though. It's black and white (like my old one) with red frilly reminds me of Betty Boop. The top and bottom were sold separately, which means I could fit the top to my chest size and the bottom to my ass size. Which, when you have a bootay like mine (thanks for pointing this out Mike, you're a sweetheart and not creepy all...), is necessary when you want to achieve a perfect fit (i.e. not have half your ass hanging out or a droopy top, depending on which part of the body you choose to fit). I also started packing last night, which is harder to do than usual when you're not sure what the weather will be like or how many times you will slip in horse shit. Ahh...fiddle dee dee. Happy first day of summer!