Bryanna and the City

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mind the Gap!


So I'm totally knackered and I think I just got pink eye (my sister got it last night)...I'm looking very attractive in this huge interent cafe on Oxford Street. I was going to do a large group e-mail, but I figured that a blog entry would reach more people.

I was a machine all weekend, but it caught up to me on Monday...I slept in until 2:00 pm and only had enough energy to take a bus (a double decker) to Safeway to get some groceries. The weather was absolutely gorgeous on the weekend. I spent Saturday in Hyde Park and Notting Hill with my sisters, bought myself a cute toe ring and drank some PIMMS.

I've been doing some shopping on Oxford street today, but have been finding it hard to actually buy anything...besides food. Everything here is completely's crazy and I love it.

Well, I guess I'd better go investigate my eye..and perhaps take a trip to a pharmacy.

I hope you're all doing well!