Bryanna and the City

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I'm probably breaking some girly-girl secret code, but...

Me and the fam (ma and pa) celebrated Victoria Day by strapping a canoe to the top of our truck, driving 45 minutes to Isobel Lake and paddling for about an hour while enjoying the great Canadian outdoors and all it has to offer...yadda yadda yadda...

On the way there, I was having some know, down! Not "there", perv...down theeeere. My stomach wasn't happy about something I had injested that day, but I kept it under control until we reached our destination.

Okay. Here's where I break the code..not that I haven't already done that on this blog o' mine, but whatever, I'll continue...

So my mom gets out of the truck and I follow after her. Just as I'm releasing the nastiness (it was really, really bad), my mom proceeds to take one of those "ahhh-fresh-clean-air-deep-breaths" right, you guessed it, downwind from me.

She makes a funny face and then looks at me, "Did you just fart?"...we started laughing uncontrollably.

My dad had the pleasure of sitting down wind from me in the canoe.

He he he...see?! I haven't been blogging regularly because this is the only material I have to go by!

I still like pink and wearing skirts...for serious!