Bryanna and the City

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The good news is....

I don't have pink eye.

The bad news is I have strep throat.

No worries though. I'm used to being sick...compared to my mono last summer, this is like a light tickle in my

Anyways, once I get my hands on some antibiotics I'm sure everything will be jolly.

The weather is London today is absolutely sweltering, which I better get used to as I'm going to be in Greece in 4 days. sister with severe conjunctivitis and me with step throat...I think it's going to be positively lovely. he he he...let me be sacrcastic...I just cried in a foreign country, while trying to type an email to my parents, while in a dodgy internet cafe.

Don't worry, I'm actually having a great time...I just got a little emotional after being denied access to see a doctor a half hour ago...they keep such crazy hours here. I'm going to see my sister's doctor tomorrow fear. And luckily I (read: my dad) purchased health insurance for my trip...good thinking Pops!

If anyone has been to London or lives here and would like to suggest some sites to see, I'd love your suggestions (thanks for the email Nick!).