Bryanna and the City

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Have we met? The name's Shaw. . . Ms. Veronica Shaw

Good-morning! Veronica Shaw here. Taking over for Bry. That girl never learns. After the afternoon she had yesterday in the company toilet, I told her a coffee and low fat blueberry muffin was probably not a smart idea...she responded with "WHATever V! You don't own me!". So, now she's in the same predicament as yesterday...having to endure the "Again?!!" comments from the guy who sits by the woman's washroom. Don't worry, she's already apologized. I SO own her...

Last night was another fabulous night for Veronica Shaw. Having been unable to attend the past 2 Sunday brunches with the fabulous DD, Lexi, and Ms. Mackenzie, V felt completely "in the dark" and was itching to share the news about the "new man in her life" and dish the intimate details. So, last night V met up with the fabulous DD at a downtown lounge (which V believed was suffering from some decor identity confusion--surf boards next to a roaring Karen would say and point with her finger..."what's going on here honey?" ). 2 G&T's later, V was back in "the know" and feeling somewhat warm and fuzzy inside. At first she thought she was overcome with the Christmas spirit, but then Ms. Shaw remembered that she had not eaten much for dinner that night and was probably feeling the effects of the two aforementioned G&T's.

Both DD and Ms. V had some charity committee meetings to attend early the next morning so after two hours of drinks, laughing at Halloween pictures, and discussing the events of the past two weeks, DD and V parted...but not for long as they will be reunited in 4 days, along with Lexi and Ms. Mackenize for a fabulous Christmas party. DD has promised to wear her new twinkly silver shoes...while Ms. V still needs to get a new stunning outfit for the occasion.

Alright my darlings...I must go.

Just in case we have not met...

My Name: Ms. Vernica M. Shaw (but you can call me V)
My Age: Don't you wish you knew....okay, okay...30(ish)
My Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
My Astrological Sign: Scorpio (watch out...unlike Bry the Pisces I don't take sh*t from anybody)
My Occupation: Idependently Wealthy (don't ask me for money...that's tacky)
My Marital Status: Single, with an abundance of "boy toys" on the go, in reserves, and waiting in line.
My Relationship with Bry: Found a dull Jem waiting to be buffed and shined to show the world its true brilliance...while waiting for "Driver" to pick me up. She was waiting for the bus, with big frizzy hair, tapered jeans, and a Club Monaco sweatshirt. I took her on as my own personal she's the fabulous Bry you all know and love.

Signed with love,