Bryanna and the City

Friday, December 03, 2004

In da "Loops" and My Red TUTU

Well, I'm off to Kamloops tonight to perform some top-secret-christmas-present-preparations. I better get a seat to myself on the Greyhound bus or someone's just going to have to put up with my legs in their lap! Ha ha . . . just kidding. But seriously, I really want my own seat, I even stuffed a pillow in my suitcase so I could snooze on the way there. I'm finally going to get my pictures from Halloween developed. For those of you who don't already know this, I was a ballerina for Halloween. It was the "awesomest" costume ever! My hair was pulled back into a classic ballerina bun, with a red ribbon tied into it. My costume consisted of a huge red tutu, a black corsette, black tights, black ballerina shoes, and a little black cardigan. I of course took full advantage of the event and wore a lot of make-up. A LOT. I'm talking RED lipstick, thick blush, and lots of eye make-up. It was fabulous. FAB. U. LOUS. Hopefully the pictures are fabulous as well. I was supposed to be the "Performance Ballerina" and DD was the "Practice Ballerina", but everyone kept on confusing me for "Dominatrix Ballerina". . .which got me to thinking. . .but then I realized that if I wanted to be Prime Minister one day, having a somewhat "questionable past" would not be good for my credability, so I resolved to use my costume only for Halloween. It is hanging on my closet door, as a constant reminder of how fabulous I can really be. Till next year red tutu. . .till next year.