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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Ramblings About. . .Everything

The process from real life to blog entry usually goes something like this:

1. Bryanna does something stupid, funny or interesting...OR Bryanna thinks of something stupid, funny or interesting.
2. Bryanna thinks to herself: "Self, this is too funny, stupid or interesting to keep just to myself, must not only tell my roommates, co-workers, and friends, but must also publish on my blog for all to see and enjoy."
3. Bryanna thinks of funny ways to tell stupid, funny or interesting story...exaggerating certain elements to make it perhaps appear MORE stupid, funny or interesting.
4. Bryanna sits down and writes...pressing "Save As Draft" frequently so as not to lose any stupid, funny or interesting material like she did when she tried to post her The Casual Dilemma entry...
5. Bryanna presses "Publish Post" then continues to read, re-read, re-re-read post...marvelling at her own literary genius in sweet anticipation of the gracious and sometimes not-so-gracious comments to come.

Alas, as you may have noticed by my non-entry of yesterday, I have not been inspired by anything stupid, funny or interesting lately. I have been wandering the streets of Vancouver looking and looking, frantic for something to write about. Something. Anything!! The pressure of it is just too much for me to bare. TOO. MUCH! I woke up last night in a cold sweat mumbling the words repeatedly. . ."my readers, my readers. . .I have to write for my readers!! (all 3 of them)". Right. Okay, enough of that jargon. I don't have enough material for a complete blog entry about one subject. However, there are a few little things that have happened recently that I would like to share with you...yeah YOU! So sit back. Relax. Enjoy. . .

1. You'll be happy to hear that a. I did get my own seat on the Greyhound back to Kamloops (woo hoo!!) b. I got the very back seat i.e. three seats to myself (woo hoo x 2!!) c. I slept the whole way there. Why? Because I was tired and because it was too dark to read d. I woke up in a panic about 20 minutes out of Kamloops. Why? Because I was wearing ear plugs and had a very bad dream that I had completely missed the stop in Kamloops and was *gasp* on my way to Barriere. (Boo!! Bad dream...very bad dream). The End.

2. I take the Greyhound a lot. Quite a bit. About 10 times/year. They rarely provide a movie for the ride. I gave up on the possibility of having a great movie to watch to pass the time on the Greyhound a long time ago. I don't bring earphones anymore. Guess what. . .on my way back to Van. they showed a movie. Guess what again. . . it was a movie I really wanted to see. Guess who sat there in the aisle seat (gross. . the aisle sucks) watching "The Terminal" with no sound. Me!! Grr....crazy, unpredictable Greyhound. Now I pretty much know how the movie ends, but I have no idea what actually happens...hmmpf!

3. I'm a chronic people watcher. I take the same bus home from work every day. Every day I see the same people and I watch them. I sort of sound like a crazy, stalker. . .Anyways, I've come to the conclusion that a certain man and a certain woman who take the same bus home that I do every day are having an are my observations:
-the woman wears a wedding ring and the man does not
-at first glance their relationship may seem strictly friendly, but no guy friend of mine secretly gropes my bottom while exiting the bus (he's done this to her a couple of times).
-they could be married or engaged, but their interactions do not suggest so: for example, she says "hello Bob" when she sees him. Not "hi honey, how was your day?". In my opinion, saying "hi Bob" is way too formal for a marriage and very "let's-keep-our-affair-a-secret-from-the-nosey-bus-people-like-that-girl-with-the-fabulous-pink-bag-and-jacket-who-is-watching-us-right-now".
I need more evidence to make any conclusive decision, however. I will update you on any new developments as they come in. Over and out!

4. In other news, Mr. P and I are still going strong. Getting into boy-friend/girl-friend territory now. I went to his house recently in sweatpants, a hoodie (from 1975 . . no joke) and my glasses. I somehow let it slip about ye old blog and he wanted the address, but I explained that my blog was already sensored enough, what with my mom and my extended family reading it. He agreed that I needed my intellectual and creative freedom. I promised to let him see it when I was ready. In a somewhat unfortunate turn of events he found out that I had not only blocked him from my MSN Messenger list but that I had completely deleted him. He promptly added me again and I promised never to delete him...unless we bitterly parted ways in the future. We had some fun looking at some archived IM conversations between the two of us, I bragged about my cooking abilities and he pleaded to have an opporunity to witness and taste my fabulous creations. This Friday I'm cooking him a traditional Italian meal. Spaghetti, sausage and salad.

Because Tony (& Alayne) wanted to know more about "him, him, him" here are his vital stats:
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5'10"
Age: I'll just say that he grew up in the '80's
Occupation: Admin. title within the film industry (he's explained, but I'm clueless...really) and part time bartender.

The Countdown:
**6 more days until the sisters are in Van!!**