Bryanna and the City

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Till Next Year November!

As I sit here on my lunch break, typing and eating my Ham & Swiss sandwhich, while waiting for my chicken noodle soup from Tim Horton's to cool down (I felt like soup today as it seems I'm getting another cold, which will be my second one since September. . .I really thought that I had been sick enough this past summer to last me a couple of no-cold-zone years, but alas it seems the cold virus had something else in mind), I think about what soon will be another November in my life coming to an end. I can't say that I'm at all sad. For me, and I suspect many other people as well, November is a very long, pointless and, as my co-worker succinctly put it just a few minutes ago, a "blah" month. It's 30 days between the beautiful transition of summer to fall known as October and the magical month of December when the world (that actually gets snow) turns white, dreams come true, and the fact that you gain ten pounds in two weeks doesn't matter because so does everyone else (it's all relative you see). I always thought that my animosity for the "N" month had something to do with school. In university, the "N" month is the most stressful month of the Fall semester. It's when most term papers are due and in the most horrid cases the month when your wicked prof. decides to schedule a late mid-term. However, as I am not attending the "Ivory Tower" this year, my November did not contain anything to do with term papers and mid-terms. . . actually, it consisted of no thinking at all. The odd thing is, however, is that my dislike for the "N" month actually turned into a relationship of loathing and hatred. Not to say that nothing exciting happened in November. . .I met a great guy and actually began writing in my blog again, but I consciously counted down every day of the week. . . with every cross I etched my hatred for the "N" month grew, but at the same time I became more and more excited as the "gain 10 lbs" month drew closer. As I am writing this, I'm wondering. . .does anyone feel the same way? or have I developed an OCD? However, as I said before, I have a suspicion that I am not alone. So, for all of those other "N" month haters out there, don't fret anymore. . .it's time for rejoicing! Time to change your calendar to a scene of snowy wonders. . .time to put your sweatpants on in anticipation of those extra 10 lbs, for when we wake up tomorrow it will be December. So farewell you month of dullness and rainy weather. . .till next year!