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Thursday, December 02, 2004

My Latest Obsession


---from yesterday---

So, I've spent the last hour writing. . . re-thinking, re-starting, and re-wording the first sentence of this blog. . it seems I've been cursed with the "I Can't Get the Many Thoughts in My Head Onto This D*mn Computer in a Coherent But Witty Manner Disease". Excuse me while I leave my office (pfffh...yah right...I mean make-shift cubicle) to stomp up and down and let out a very loud and innapropriate grunt/squeal . . .

**short pause in blog**

Ahhh. . .that's better.

Okay, so Nicky (my sister who has run off to London with my other sister, Alayne a.k.a. "the inspiration for my Me, Me, Me Blog", to live, work and break the hearts of unsuspecting men with cute accents) has been wanting me to write about the intimate details of my relationship with the "New-Man-In-My-Life" since I mentioned him in my To Meet or Not Meet entry. Sorry Nicky, ladies, gentlemen, mom, and perverts. . .that ain't gonna happen on my PG13 rated Blog. However, I can't stop myself from giving just a few insights into the past two weeks. When I was trying to think of a good pseudonym for him, only one seemed fitting: "Mr. Persistent"/"Mr.P" for short. The reason for that, would take up a whole other blog. . .so till then you'll just have to speculate. . .okay?

---here's where I start to write today---

Actually, I feel like explaining the "Mr. Persistent" pseudonym today, so here it goes. . .

If you have read my To Meet or Not Meet entry, you will already know that I met Mr. Persistent on *ahem* Lavalife. . .(yeah whatever, I am SO not a loser. . . right?). I allowed him to add me to his MSN Messenger list and we chatted off and on for about a month. He really wanted to meet, but I was extremely apprehesive (I watch Oprah too much) and was full of excuses as to why I couldn't, plus, somehow my life seemed to be crawling with men at that time . . . men from my distant past, men from my recent past, and men from my "S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y" nights out with my single and also fabulous friend DD. I didn't see how I could possible allow another man into the "mix", so I TRIED to cut him out of my life and stopped replying to his e-mails. Cruel? Perhaps. But give me break. . .we hadn't even met in flesh yet.

However, every 3 weeks or so he would send me an e-mail. They were always very sweet, never bordering on creepy, stalkerish, or desperate. He said things like, "I haven't heard from you in a bit so I was wondering what's up and how you're doing?" and "I still would like to meet you, what's good for you?". I thought I had succeeded in my "catch-and-release" tactic when he finally e-mailed me saying that he would stop e-mailing me if I did not return his last e-mail, but two weeks later he e-mailed again. When I read the first sentence and I qoute: "Hey ya lil brat! I lied!!!" I knew this was a man that I had to meet. The fact that he called me a "brat" made me laugh and brought a smile to my face weeks after the fact. So, two days later, with the approval of my great co-workers, I e-mailed him back. I apologized for my bratty behavior, he forgave me and we made plans to meet.

That was two weeks ago and I'm still kicking myself for not agreeing to meet him sooner. He's great. We're great. Everything is Great. However. . . I've dated enough to know that things can go from "Great" to "Horrible and Awkward" in the dating world just as fast as I can smell a cake in the office the moment it enters the building. (Alayne, I know you're laughing about the last sentence. . and to that I say WHATever!). PLUS, and this is a big one. . .he's a Capricorn (I'm a Pisces)! I'm not really into that stuff, but I was so happy when I read this: *courtesy of*

Capricorn's earth element and your water element blend beautifully and make a fertile combination. The sum total of your relationship is gentle support and caring. In bed, things should be great. Capricorns are delightfully slow and thoughtful in their approach. Your Capricorn will love your imaginative style and your deeply spiritual approach to the relationship.


Okay, you pervs. . .that's all you're getting out of me at the moment. . .I will update you later, but I will refrain from writing too much about Mr. P, as it would be rather embarassing if he happened to find my website. . .although if he does stick around it will be funny for us to look back on this.

So, you're probably wondering why I titled this My Latest Obsession. It actually has nothing to do with Mr. P, but with a Blog I stumbled upon recently. Actually, "Blog" is not a worthy word to describe it. Fabulously addictive and wonderfully insightful is better. I do not recommend my male readers to take it on, it's Sex and the City meets Bridgette Jones, with the added bonus that it's non-fiction!! It's such a great blog, the writer is now actually publishing a book. So, you're saying to yourself stop blabbing already Bryanna and give us the address!! Okay here it is: I suggest you start from the beginning . . .

P.S. A co-worker and I have been reading it like it's a bestselling novel. She's finished it already. . .I've made her swear not to reveal to me how it ends!!