Bryanna and the City

Monday, December 13, 2004

2.5 Months After the Fact...

2.5 months ago I dated a firefighter. We met at a pub in Yaletown, went on two dates, I told him my five year plan, he didn't call me after our 2nd date, I didn't call him and, frankly, I really didn't care. It was the easiest 1 week relationship of my life. It ended as quickly as it started and the good-bye was not "sweet sorrow". In fact, there was no just ended, period. Or so I thought...

Friday night, while preparing for my dinner with Mr. P, the phone rang...which it tends to do from time to time. I was in the shower and could hear just enough to know that the phone call was for me. After my roommate hung up, she informed me through the bathroom door that a man had called for me. A man, whom when she asked if he was Mr. P, said simply no, and that he would call me back later. However, I have caller ID and when she said that it was someone with the last name of *Firehall, I almost slipped in the shower...WTF?? I was completely blind-sided by this 2.5 months after the fact, random, 5:00 on a Friday evening phone call, by a man who obviously does not like the fact that my five year plan does not facilitate any sort of serious relationship let alone marriage and babies.

I have to admit, that I was tempted to call him back. Not to rekindle the pathetic 1 week fling we had back in September, but just to find out why he called. I could understand it more, if he had called at 2:00 in the morning on a Saturday night, in a drunken and confused state, but this was not that type of situation. I was curious, but I didn't call him back and he didn't call me back either...I guess I'll just have to wait till February for him to call and explain why.