Bryanna and the City

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Do I Have the F.L.U?

Someone mentioned to me on my way to *ahem* the Ladies Room (it appears I spoke too soon), that perhaps I could have the Flu...this possibility had not crossed my mind. Ever since my summer of "the Great Illness" my perception of what being "sick" means is somewhat distorted. Here are my symptoms. . .(warning: some of them, actually all of them, aren't pleasant).

1. Three days of "the unpleasantness"...starts with a D and ends with an A.
2. Three days of mild, but appetite suppressing, nausea.
3. A slight fever.
4. 30 minutes of coughing up a substance of a colour and consistency that I will not mention on my blog when I wake up in the morning.

Should I be alarmed? Should I stay home from work tomorrow? *gasp* Should I cancel dinner with Mr. P? What do you think?