Bryanna and the City

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Ode to Onzie

It is with great sadness and a lump in my throat that I announce the passage of my loyal dog of 14 years, Otis, from this crazy planet we call Earth to a better place known as "Doggie Heaven". Those of you privileged enough to have met this four pound ball of love and stinkiness will be comforted by the knowledge that this passage was necessary and not made alone. My father, a man who took some time to warm to Otis' somewhat neurotic character, stoically volunteered to be with him and hold him in his arms when the fatal injection took place. It has taken me a month to get to this point of being able to write about my loyal friend, who's been on my mind lately and very present in my dreams. Last night, I had a dream that I was in my bedroom in Kamloops, aware that Otis had passed away when suddenly he shot out from under the bed, "Yikes!" I said, looking at this creature that resembled Otis. However, I was not completely convinced that it was him until I picked him up. Definitely looks like him. . .definitely squirmy like him. . .*sniff, sniff. . . definitely smells like him...Onzie!!! Could it be you? But How? Confused, but very happy I went to my parents bedroom where I was met with more confusion, but a lot of happiness as well. I held Otis in my arms and before I woke up I said, "I'm sorry. Good-bye." Now, I firmly believe that dreams somehow help us cope with issues in our lives. Sometimes the significance of dreams are hard to decipher, but this one was quite simple. The hardest part of knowing that my dog was going to be put down, was the unavoidable fact that I would not be able to say good-bye. My mom told me that it was a blessing that I did not see him during his last few days. He was very sick. However, not being able to hold him one last time, kiss his little nose, smell his stinky breath, make sure he wasn't scared, and make sure he was wrapped in a blanket before he was buried in the cold ground (he was always cold) ate at my soul and knawed at my heart. I woke up from this dream with a feeling of contentment and peace. I had now said my good-bye and the dog I said good-bye to was healthy and happy. So here's to you Onzie! Thanks for many years of stinky kisses, walks around the block, lazy afternoons basking in the sun together and always being a loyal friend. . . no matter what.Adieu!

To Otis from Bryanna:

You may have been teenie
You may have been stinky
You may have been naughty
You may have been finicky
But you were my dog
my constant companion
my friend unconditionally
my friend oh so dear to me
So here's to a decade. . .
a decade plus four
Fourteen years of laughter
and kisses galore!
I'll love you forever
forever times three
forever my dog in my heart you will be.

(Sappy? Maybe. But necessary.)