Bryanna and the City

Sunday, May 08, 2005

You know it's 2005 when...

You leave an excrutiatingly awkward phone message for someone and freak out when you realize that you're talking to an answering machine and NOT a voice mail box.

Yes, I did this the other day.

It was awful!


Thinking about it even now makes me cringe and blush.

When I finished my stupid message and pressed the # key for "more options" (read: to delete the sucker and pretend like it never existed), I was met with dead air. I hung up the phone once I realized my fateful error... completely mortified.

Let me explain something here...for years, and I mean years, I've never left a voice mail message for someone that has not been erased and re-recorded like 10 times. No joke.
I've become accustomed to being able to leave a dorky message and delete it and re-record as much as I want. So this?! This "answering machine"... completely caught me off gaurd. Who the heck has one of those things in 2005? 2005 people!

Needless to say this person did not call me back.

And I don't expect they ever will.

It was THAT bad.

Now, I'm going to go find a big rock I can hide under.