Bryanna and the City

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sawasdee Ka! (hello)

So I'm back. Back from six weeks traveling around Thailand and Cambodia. I had such an amazing time that I'm already planning my next trip. Which will be to India, and Laos, and Vietnam. Probably Cambodia again and Malaysia and then the Philippines. I fell in love with Asia, so South America will have to wait. Trying to explain my trip with Sean would be like a woman trying to explain the pain of child birth (one who has actually experienced child birth, of course). You really can't fully appreciate or understand it until you've experienced it yourself. And you should. Asia, that is. Well, if you're a woman and into the whole making and raising a child thing then you should try that too...

So, I think that instead of writing a long boring post, you should check out the 300+ photos that I posted on my Flickr page.