Bryanna and the City

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Road From Here

If you think that I have stopped blogging, you would be wrong. Oh no, I have not stopped blogging in the slightest, I have instead developed a bad habit of starting blog posts and not finishing them, writing blog posts and not publishing them and publishing blog posts and then deleting them. So, what may seem like a lull in my commitment to Bryanna and the City - and you - is actually not a lull at all but a resistance/apprehension to following through with what I have written. Right now I have at a least 6 posts - some finished, some not/some good, some not - sitting in blog pergatory known as "Save as D(r)aft" just waiting to make their debut. However, being that they are outdated, I would rather write something new. Who knows? Maybe I won't even publish this post. Hmmm...

I cancelled my cell-phone last week. Yeah, I am without a mobile phone, as in I do not have a telephone device attached to me all day, costing me money, restricing me to when I can and cannot use it, slipping to the bottom of my bag where I cannot retrieve it, dying when I need to use it, and cutting out in my apartment. Yeah, au revoir pink phone! What I do have is this:

This phone came with my apartment. It's old. And see that book on the left? That is an address/phone book. Crazy, I know! Yeah, you write people's phone numbers in there. The day I cancelled my cell-phone, I bought that bad-boy and transferred all of my phone numbers into it. I have even memorized a few numbers in the past week. Pretty neat, eh?! I'm stoked!

So, have I told you how crazy my life is going to get soon? Yeah, in the next year I'm going to find a new job for October - December, apply to BCIT's OHS diploma program, travel around South East Asia for 1-2 months, find a new job when I get back and perhaps a new apartment, apply for student loans and, if all goes according to plan, start my next round of edumacation in September '08, where my life will consist of nothing but school for the next two years. Yay! So, I'm a little scared...or a lot scared, whichever, but totally excited about moving forward with my life. I do have alternative plans for if plan A does not work out, but, right now, I'm focused on the A.

Tonight, however, I am not going to think about this because my beach volleyball team won a night at the Molson brewery for having the most fun points. Instead, I will drown my worries in beer and pizza. :)