Bryanna and the City

Friday, September 21, 2007

CDN $1 = US $1

Even though I've been working for an investment management company for the past 9 months (hey! I'd be giving birth right now if I were pregnant on my start date…ha ha ha ha ha), I still don't know much about investments, the stock market or the Canadian economy. Don't get me wrong, I know way more now than I did when I started, but I started with zero knowledge. What I do know is that the rise in the Canadian dollar makes it so much nicer to exchange my Canadian money for my trip. I know for sure that I need US dollars for Vietnam and Cambodia. What I'm unsure about is if I should do it now or hold out a little while longer and see if the Canadian dollar surpasses the US dollar. I probably shouldn't be greedy, but from what I've heard, it's more likely that the Canadian dollar will continue to rise before it starts to fall. Plus, it would be nice, for once, to make money on an exchange. What do you think?

In other news, I'm working three jobs next week (my full time job during the day, plus my two new part-time jobs in the evening). This works out to be a 69 hour work week. It's only for one week since my last day at my full-time job is next Friday. I just hope I survive.

I've also started packing and cleaning up my apartment. Some may say packing 2 months before one moves is a little excessive, I say it's just good planning. But seriously, I'm a *little* obsessed with moving. It wouldn't be so bad if I was actually moving to somewhere, but I'll be homeless for two months so I need to carefully pack up my belongings which will be spread out between 4 different residences (parents/ 2 sisters/ boyfriend). I have to figure out what I can store at my parent's place in Kamloops (i.e. belongings/clothing that I won't need for 5 months) and what can stay in Vancouver. And the faster I do this, the faster my life will have some order again…or so my OCD brain thinks. I get so much pleasure from a perfectly packed box.*

Okay, dokie.
I think that is all.

Have a wonderful weekend!

* ha ha ha ha ha…when I first wrote this, I swear to G*d that I wasn't, in any way, implying anything dirty. I liked the alliteration and I really do love packing a box so that almost all of its volume is utilized...perhaps it's from my days of playing Tetras...hmm....