Bryanna and the City

Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh, hey there!

So have you noticed that my comments are moderated now?

Ha ha, funny story.

I left a comment on a blog a couple of months ago and I guess the blogger didn't like my objection to her making fun of a three year old child's looks because she (oops! he or she…heh heh) came over to my fluffy, pink, and teal blog and started flinging around some hilarious pejorative words for the female genitalia…like *lean in, I need to whisper it in your ear…it's a very naughty word* . . . c. u. n. t!

At first I was a little shocked and confused that a supposedly grown woman would be so ignorant to think that calling another woman a cunt was a viable insult. No, really? I thought that word was exclusively used by porn stars and 14 year old boys? Sean and I used it as a pet name for each other after I told him about it, but it doesn't go over well in public when you call your boyfriend a sweet cunt. Anyways, I wasn't sure how to respond, so instead I deleted the comment. After a few weeks went by, I stopped seeing her on my Sitemeter. I did, however, write a few passive aggressive posts that she would understand, but decided against posting them. Since she doesn't seem to drop by anymore, I would like to share my favourite one with you now. In one of her comments she said that I had a stick up my ass. So, without further ado, I present to you, the news from June 6, 2007:

Stick Literally Removed from B.C. Woman's Ass

A B.C. woman is recovering in hospital this week after having an 8 inch wooden chopstick surgically removed from her colon. The 24 year old Vancouver resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she started to feel mild discomfort in her lower abdominal region about a week ago. "I thought I just had a lot of gas, but I knew something was seriously wrong when I woke up on Sunday morning and could barely get out of bed [...] the pain was excruciating." An emergency X-Ray revealed a foreign stick-like object lodged in her lower colon, which was later discovered to be a chopstick.

Dr. Schtikupmuas, the surgeon who performed the extraction surgery, says that he's seen many similar cases. "Nothing shocks me anymore", reports Schtikupmuas, "I've removed keys, light bulbs, toy cars, and even a McDonald's edition Barbie from numerous patients' rectums."

As to how the chopstick found its way into her colon, the woman believes that she must have ingested the object while inhaling a sushi meal. "I was absolutely famished after running the SUN RUN in April and I ate a lot of sushi. I must not have noticed the chopstick go down with all that raw fish and rice."

Schtikupmuas says that his patient is recovering well and should be back to eating sushi in no time. As for the woman, she says she's done with chopsticks altogether, "next time I'll be using my hands."

Have a great long weekend!