Bryanna and the City

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I may not have a job yet...

but I just found out that I'm 100% finished my course requirements for my Sociology degree(and I actually have WAY MORE upper level courses than I needed) AND I may even graduate with a First Class Sociology degree...pending three grades that I haven't received yet.

So my sister and I are finally moved in. I actually feel normal today...packing, cleaning and not sleeping are a bad combination for me, but the place looks fantastic and I will be posting some pictures once our internet is hooked up tomorrow. My room is way too big for just a double bed and a dresser...I have big plans for it, but they require some money, so I guess I'll just have to settle for sparceness now.

Sean and I are celebrating our 1 month anniversary today...we're dorks and we're proud of it. I won't gush about him on here...yet, but I'm really, really happy.

DD along with her cute little baby bump came by yesterday and we had a chance to talk about her wedding and I tried on my bridesmaid dress and it fits...and, go figure, it's pink :)

Sorry for the weird post. I don't have a bus pass anymore and I'm trying to complete this before I have to use another ticket. Speaking of busses, I totally did something way out my passive aggressive character today. While on the way to UBC this guy was freaking out at the bus driver because he didn't stop (he didn't ring the buzzer though). So the crazy guy tells the bus driver to "f*ck off" and is all in his face, so the driver stops the bus and tells the guy to get off. After about 30 seconds of profanities flying...I...yes me...said very loudly, in an I'm-gonna-beat-yo-ass tone, "Sir, please get off the bus. I need to get to school". He responded with a "f*ck school" and actually got off. So, maybe not so passive aggressive after all? It definitely got my heart racing...but it didn't look like any of the other 10 women on the bus were going to say anything.


That's all for now folks.
Hope everyone is well.