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Friday, March 31, 2006

First things first.

you are so cool that you made a web
Anonymous 03.17.06 - 3:37 pm #

I just noticed this comment from an old post about the death of Melba, and I have to admit that it has me very confused. Now that I'm taking a traditional grammar course, I tried to decontruct it in an attempt to figure out exactly what it means.

Subject: You (as in me)
Verb: Are (Linking verb).
Completion: Cool (why thank you!)

But the next phrase, "that you made a web", is the part that has me stumped. Is "web" as in website? Or are they referring to my recent spidey behavior (which I thought had remained a secret). Anyways, if anyone or Anonymous his/herself could shed some light on this, I'd totally appreciate it.

I just have to say, wow, I can't believe I'm done the course requirement for my degree in one month. Holy crap this year has gone by so fast...I'm very sad about this. I like school....and this year I've grown to love it (funny what a few A+'s on a transcript can do to one's ego).

So, from now until May 1st, I have to finish two papers, write 4 exams, apply for more co-op jobs (and actually get one), find a new place to live, pack up my life (again) and move. I'm actually very excited about this...I actually LOVE change (the good kind)...even though some may argue that I don't. But I do. Seriously. LOVE. IT. (especially change in the love *cough* scene...which I will talk about next). The only sad part is having to part with my two super-cool of which has already taken measurements of my room for when she lives here next year.

So, love life? Well, not a lot of "love", but I'm having some fun. A week ago I ended a two week relationship that seemed to be on the fast track to marriage. FYI...after two dates, there should be no talk of "we". I found myself trying to find the "eject" button and my sister made me realise that it needed to end when I uttered the "I need a break" line to her after our 2nd date. Great guy, bad timing...or something like that.

I have a date this Sunday with a guy I talked to on the phone last night. I'll let you know how it goes. The conversation flowed on the phone and he has that great balance of intellect/worldliness/dorkiness that I like....he's also cute. But no expectations here...none whatsoever ;)

I also got to chat with Tawcan from Confessions of a Monkey (I would hyperlink, but I'm way too lazy and my comp is way too slow it would probably crash if I opened up another browser) on Wednesday after his second Storm the Wall race. It's always a fun time when an engineering student and an arts student get together. He's the second blogger that I've met since I started, the first one being Nick. I would love to meet all the bloggers on my blogroll.

Finally, I'm becoming a refugee advocate activist...the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Immigrant and Refugee Board are completely bogus and discriminatory. Canada should be ashamed of these policies and this systemic racism. I'm writing a paper on this topic and the data I've found is absolutely SHOCKING. Make yourself aware. And also,


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