Bryanna and the City

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Almost Easter.

So I'm still procrastinating and I just realised that it is, indeed, Easter tomorrow. So, what will I be doing?

Does it involve church? Um, the answer to that is sadly "no" (sorry mom). Yes, I am going to Hell and I'm packing my bikini.

Perhaps some turkey or ham? Yeah, I don't have an oven, so that's out.

Peeps? Come on, at least peeps! I live in Canada and Moo didn't send any from American Peep Relief this year (most likely because I never asked). Therefore, I must go without any relief of the peep variety this Easter.

Chocolate Easter eggs? Nope. I gave all my money (in cash) to my future landlord yesterday for my damage deposit.

(Holy Crap I Need A Job)

*pause for mini panic attack*



Well, don't cry for me people of Blogland, my sister is here so I'm sure we'll think of something...or I'll just study for my Traditional Grammar final exam instead. Happy Easter, indeed.