Bryanna and the City

Monday, February 27, 2006

Random Musings or I'm smart and I fart.

My sister (the one who is not running around Aus right now) and I were kidnapped by a hot cougar on Friday night. Her name was Rhonda and she was tons of fun, plus she got us on the Roxy guest list (i.e. no waiting or shivering in the line) and hooked us up with Carl (the sound man for the band playing that night) who fed us free drinks all night (well, three...but that's usually enough for me). Oh, and she even made sure that we got home (alone) at the end of the night okay. Rhonda was def. one cool cat, I mean cougar, with a body that I want now, let alone when I'm forty. I had a great time with my sis and Rhonda...which could be attributed to the fact that I was a tad tipsy, or the fact that I had not been out on a Friday night since last summer...but I'd like to think that it was just the good company...sans the creepy dance floor guy who kissed me on the cheek (much to my dismay) and the sweater set Mexican exchange student who somehow snagged my email (for this what the kids are asking for these days?). was a fun night.

So, I'm trying to apply for jobs to complete my Arts Co-op requirements and, well, it's not going very well. I'm being...somewhat, er, "choosy". So far, I've dropped off 1....ONE application and I'm not sure I even want that job. I guess I'm just realising what a catch I am (both in the dating game and the job market game) and I don't want to let "just anyone" hire me...or date me. And when I say "catch" I don't mean to sound egotistical, I just mean to say that I'm extremely artistic, talented, intelligent, creative, funny, inventive and pretty darn cute. Oh shut up...I just got rejected by a skateboarding burn-out. I'm trying to think positively here people, plus it's so true....shut up, shut up, shut up...oh and by the way, this does not bode well for any guy trying to pick me up..when a few randoms were persistant on getting my phone number (seriously guys, if a girl hesitates and declines...back off!!!), I responded by saying...well, I could give it to you, but the chances of me actually answering your call are very....VERY slim. So what's the point? Two actually took this callenge and so far...I'M WINNING.

I just got back a paper from my Museum Anthropology class...a paper that made me cringe and break a small sweat (oops, I mean "glow") when I handed it in...because I was sure, no, I was POSITIVE, that it was complete and utter crap...CRAP I tell you. Turns out I received the highest mark in the class...92%!!! Anyways, I told this story just to illustrate that I don't really think I'm that smart (but some people obviously do)...he he he...I'll shut up now.


Oh, and just so I don't sound like a completely smug bastard I'll let you in on a little secret...right now I'm suffering from a HORRIBLE flare up of my IBS (just ask my poor roommates and sister)...which means crampage, extreme bloatage (my stomach gargles, growls and barks at me when I press on it), gasage, constipationage, fartage during classage and the occasional (if I'm lucky) rabbit-turd like bowel movement...oh, it is fun times in my stomach right now...and no amount of prunes, tea, coffee, or grapefruit can help me at this point...

Er, anyways...

How are Y'ALL doing?