Bryanna and the City

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I should be studying

I've started as least three posts since March 31, but abandoned them when my frustration, due to the slowness of my computer and the annoyingness (which, of course, is not a real word)) of Blogger, reached hair-pulling proportions. However, writing my entries in Word and then cutting and pasting them into Blogger appears, at the moment, to be a quick and easy solution. Although, this probably doesn't mean that I'll be Blogging more frequently because I'm lazy and laziness is really hard to overcome. I tried...and then I decided to take a nap instead.


I digress.

(Oh and FYI I'm totally not lazy...if someone from UBC AAA is reading this. I'm very motivated, enthusiastic, and 100% full of energy and I really, really, REALLY want to work for you. I think I would be an excellent addition to UBC AAA).*

Alrighty, now that that's out of the way, I'll move on to all the updates.

My sister SMS or "Alayne" as many of you know her (she sometimes comments on other people's Blogs on my Blogroll) took the bus to Van so we could look for a new place to live.** And...

We. Totally. Found. The. Coolest. Most. Pimpin-est. Apartment. Evah!

It's located in the heart of Kitsilano, ground floor apartment, hardwood floors throughout, 950 sq. ft., huge windows, tons of storage and my room (I pay a little more for it) is HUGE with a beautiful vaulted ceiling. I am so excited about it that even though we walked like 25km yesterday, I spent 2 hours envisioning how I wanted to decorate it before my brain stopped spinning enough so that I could fall asleep.*** It actually looks like a real grown-up's apartment and finally my mom can come and visit without cringing...which I am hoping might translate into some decorating (read: financial) help from momma. Anyways, we move in on April 30th, provided our reference checks go well. I'll definitely post some pics.

Oh and speaking of pictures, my camera is back in my greasy, itchy palms. It's just like brand new and I can't wait to take it for its first post-fixing spin.****


I guess you're wondering about my date.

Well, since then, there's been a second one *raised eyebrow*. During which he revealed that he had found my Blog. *****

Pan the camera to me, blushing and trying to remember what I wrote about him:

"I have a date this Sunday with a guy I talked to on the phone last night. I'll let you know how it goes. The conversation flowed on the phone and he has that great balance of intellect/worldliness/dorkiness that I like....he's also cute. But no expectations here...none whatsoever ;)"

Once I remembered, I mumbled something about how I think dorky guys are cool.

Luckily, he is cool and thought it was funny. He kept waiting for an update to see how the first date "really went", but I assured him that my non-update was a good sign. Had it been horrible I would definitely had updated by now.

Anyways, I'm trying to take things slowly because I tend to run screaming in the opposite direction without looking back when a "relationship" develops too quickly. And so far, I think he feels the same way. Right, Sean? Everybody say hi to Sean. See, Sean, you're famous now! Oh and this "slowly" thing means not spilling everything on here about him or our date(s). All you need to know is that they went well, oh and that he gave me this pink rose after I told him my favourite colour was pink:

Me likey.

So, three exams to go until I'm free from course papers, exams and presentations for at least a year. I'm actually a little sad about this. School is a breeze compared to real life, but real life doesn't seem so bad when you're about to move into a pimpin' apartment. Yay!!! The thing I'm looking forward to the most is having my name next to the #102 buzzer. Wow...I've never had a buzzer before or my own private mail box. Wow. I am a dork.

* I had a job interview last Wednesday (for a job a totally, 100% want and think I would excel at). When they asked me if I had any experience with web design/maintenance…I let it slip that I did, mostly on a "personal", not work level. So, "Hello. Welcome to Bryanna and the City. Relax and take a look around." I'm assuming that at least one of them tried to Google me; hence, the removal of the half naked pics. I kidd. Seriously.

** not sure why I put her name in quotations, as if her name "allegedly" is "Alayne" because it actually is Alayne (pronounced: a (soft a) lane).

***if anyone has any unwanted furniture hit me up on e-mail (only if you live in Vancouver or Kamloops).

****just in case you're wondering, I didn't have to pay 1 measly penny to get it fixed. Sometimes extended warranties do come in handy.

*****I mention the fact that I have a Blog on my dating profile. Which is okay, until they find out my real name. I'm thinking it's time to remove the "my Blog" from my interests.