Bryanna and the City

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy V-DAY Lovers!!! (revised version)

For the special people in my life...and if you're not in these pictures, I most likely don't have a picture of shut it (I love you too!)...Happy Valentine's Day!!!

P.S. My camera spontaneously combusted a couple of days ago or I dropped it (like a foot, seriously, lame!)...whichever, anyways, it's broken (ack! gasp! the horror!!!!) and so is my heart...because I love taking pictures (of myself mostly). Anyways, I'm going to see if my extended "warranty" covers it...hopefully...'cause I def have no $$ to replace it at this point.

P.P.S. I bet people won't be able to guess which picture(s) is/are of me and my sisters....or maybe this just gave it away?