Bryanna and the City

Friday, March 04, 2005

I felt like linking today...

First things first...I'm NOT on a diet. I just don't like to eat past 6:30 because on week days I usually go to bed really early, like 9:00...10:00 tops and I hate feeling like I just ate. I've given myself this early bedtime because I noticed that if I don't get a least 8 hours of sleep a night on a regular basis, it's really easy to make me cry. I'm usually a tough *bisnitch, but a couple of times due to extreme exhaustion I've cried while talking to people on the phone...I guess I'm just turning into the sensitive Pisces type.

*sweet* I just took a break from writing and one of my cool co-workers said I reminded her of Vivian Leigh (Scarlet from “Gone With The Wind”). I have to admit, my hair is pretty Scarlet-esq today. I still haven't cut it, so the top is pulled back at the sides and secured by bobby pins. I thought this was a pretty nice compliment considering Scarlet is one of my favorite literary and film characters. I like the bitchy ones...I also like Estella from Great Expectations (I'm naming my first daughter after her).

Speaking of my hair, I was watching Extreme Makeover last night with Mr.P (it's so *farking addictive, I can't help it!) and I realized that my hair was quite similar to one of the women who was getting the EM done...similar BEFORE her extreme makeover. I was looking at her and then my crazy hair and I finally realized that something needed to happen...and soon. Don't worry, nothing drastic. Just a few inches and maybe some layers. If I get the digital camera I've been meaning to buy this weekend, I'll post a picture.

So tonight I'm breaking my Lenten promise and going out for Sushi for a friend's birthday...I'm salivating already. It's going to be's ALL YOU CAN EAT. I'm going to have to cheat quite a bit next week too...but I figure since I made like 50 promises it's ok to cheat on a few, just as long as I don't break all of them in one day (yeah...that's my reasoning and I'm sticking to it).

This day is going by sooooooooo sssslllllloooowwwlllllyyyyy! *Feck! I just want to pull my hair out and scream....I haven't had a day like this in a while. The kind of day that even putzing around pretending to be productive is not satisfying me.... even Dawn and Drew can't make this day better for me (and they always can!). I'm getting ready to jump this proverbial ship, but in the meantime I still have 35 days left. I just hope I remember my life jacket...oh yeah, TGIF!!!!

Later Gators!

*Dawn has a potty mouth, so I’ve adopted some of my own quasi potty mouth words into my vernacular, but because they aren’t the real thing….they don’t count as cusswords.