Bryanna and the City

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Finally, something funny happened to me recently. Yesterday Mr. P and I decided to make dinner together so we stopped at IGA. We only had a few things to buy so when it came to the check out lanes we decided that Express would be the best. There we two Express lanes side by side. They had similar line-ups, so I stood in one and he stood in the other. We're such jerk faces, eh? Anyway, mine was moving a little faster so I motioned him to come to my lane. At the same time I noticed an older man watching us, pretending to jump between the two lines as well. As Mr.P was coming over to mine, this man asked him if I was his wife. I immediately turned bright red. Mr. P's response? Well, it wasn't "no" or "she's my girlfriend" or even "she's my friend". No, he responded simply, "kinda." Ummm....huh? "Kinda"? Sounds like I'm his mistress! So this man thought this was pretty funny and proceeded to say stuff like, "I'm kinda a lawyer, do you want me to fix this for you?" ... Luckily his line began to move and he was out of the store before we were. When I got in the car I turned to Mr. P and said "Kinda?...What's that supposed to mean?" I guess Mr. P thought the question was a bit personal in the first place for a complete stranger to ask, so he wanted to be as ambiguous as possible...he he he I think I'm going to change his name from Mr.P to KMH (Kinda My Husband).