Bryanna and the City

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Now that I know how to add pics...

So, the only pics I'm able to post right now are the ones I have saved on my disk. Most of them are digital pictures of other pictures (again, don't ask).

Picture #1: Bryanna. Age ~ 6. In the rain.
...there are a few things you should note in this picture:
a. My pink umbrella (which is, yes, broken)
b. My army green rain coat (my mom bought it because it was cheap and she thought it would be "suitable" for both a boy and a girl...thanks mom, love ya!)
c. My untied shoelace...I probably tripped on my face after this picture was taken.

Picture #2: Bryanna. Age 18. High school Grad.
No, I am NOT drunk, but don't I look like a fun Valedictorian?

Picture #3: Bryanna et al. Age 20. My cousin Teena and Frosty's wedding.
From left to right (Me. SOS. SMS).
*Please don't hurt me SOS and SMS*
Yes, we might be drunk...just a little.