Bryanna and the City

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Sorry, I have a good excuse!

As some people noticed, I didn't post yesterday...but, I have a very good excuse. You see, I was passed out in my bed ALL DAY yesterday. Seems the lack of alcohol, sugar, fast food and of course SUSHI in my diet for the past 6 days caused me to fall into a deep....DEEP coma Sunday night. I didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning. I missed V-DAY!! Aha ha ha ha...(yes, that's me laughing at myself)...which, you better get used to because I bust out in spontaneous laughter a lot...some people think I'm laughing at them, but I'm really just laughing at something funny that just popped into my head...woah...I digress.

Oh, you want to know the real reason for my day off? In case you're wondering, it had nothing to do with Valentine's Day. I have nothing against the day and I even had someone (Mr. P) to celebrate with this year. It just “coincidentally” turned out that everything I started to write about yesterday turned into poo (he he "poo"). It was really terrible. I started about 6 posts, some about V-Day, some not, but all you need to know is that they were all very, VERY bad. So, I decided at about mid-day to write nothing at all and to post a Valentine instead for all my readers. Blogger was being a b*tch yesterday, so this took me a while. Then, when I finally got the image up, the sucker took over the entire page. It was huge. Anybody catch it? It was up for about 30 minutes. Anyways, I deleted it and just decided to call it a day by then. So, to everyone who was disappointed by my non-post yesterday. I'm sorry. But I did it for you. Better nothing, than poo...right? I still have nothing blog worthy to report today. I could tell you about my V-Day. It was nice. Very casual. I cooked dinner for Mr. P and he gave me a heart shaped box of chocolates and a teddy bear.

So....*twiddling my thumbs* what shall I write about today?