Bryanna and the City

Friday, February 11, 2005

Male Strippers and Bad Hair Cuts

Man I’m tired. I just finished commenting on almost every blog on my blogroll. Some days I’m a silent lurking reader and other days I like to comment long and repeatedly (like today). I’m so happy it’s Friday! Not that I really have anything planned yet, but I always love getting home on a Friday night after 8 looong hours of work, knowing that I don’t have to wake up at 6:15 tomorrow morning and that I won’t have to do that for another two days. Yay! It’s also gloriously sunny out today (albeit still chilly out). I think I’m going to straighten my hair tonight (It always looks longer straight) one last time before I get a trim. Yes, just a trim. I love my hair and I’m not ready to part with more than 2 inches. This is partly due to the fact that my hair was literally butchered this past summer. Oohh ha ha ha it’s a funny story…let me tell you.

Last summer a couple of my friends wanted to check out the male strippers that had come to town for one night in June. I was extremely apprehensive about this because the first time I saw male strippers I was certifiably scarred for life. I had NO IDEA that they would be COMPLETELY naked. Seriously, NO IDEA. OR! That their “grotesquely large members” would be *ahem* erect the whole time. I left the bar that night violated and vowing never to go see male stripper EVER again!

So, when my friend approached me about this I said no at first. But, then agreed to go, telling myself I would leave if it got too explicit.

These strippers actually did not strip to their birthday suits, but to “tasteful” booty shorts. A friend of mine had purchased some fake money (they use fake paper money because it’s more “hygienic” or something) and she had given me some. After they did their little strip dance they would come over to you if you flashed a paper bill at them. So I decided to get rid of my bills and waited for the sweaty man to come over. At this time another friend of mine stuffed two bills down my shirt. The stripper proceeded to pick me up. Yes, he PICKED ME UP, forcing me to straddle his upper chest. I was so completely mortified that I was shaking by the time him put me down. (NEVER again NEVER!!)

However, I did win a door prize, which was a free hair cut and hair product. (woo hoo for me).
I needed a hair cut (like I always do ) so I made an appointment.

I told the hairdresser that I wanted to have some layers cut into my hair, but that I wanted to keep most of the length. I left there with hair 4 inches shorter than when I came in and layers that were shorter in the back then in the font? huh? wha? Yeah. WORST. HAIR. CUT. EVER!! The sh*tty thing was that I had tipped her $10 (because it was free)…I didn’t realise how bad it was until I got home. I went into a deep depression over it for two days (until I realized that I could keep it pulled back until it grew out a bit).

So, it’s grown out, and now I’m scared to get it cut again, especially because I want my hair to look great, no awesome, when I go travelling this summer. But I have to go soon, a 5’2” person should never have hair this long.