Bryanna and the City

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

When ducks and bunnies attack.

About a month ago I posted some bunny pictures. They live about three blocks from my house in the blackberry bushes near the beach. They're pretty cute, they eat out my hand and appear enjoy my freshfromthegarden organic carrots. Anyways, as well as feeding the bunnies, I also feed the ducks at the nearby pond as well [creepy single behaviour (or am I actually single?). I know. ]. This past weekend I went with one of my roommates to do my feeding rounds. We went to the pond first and fed the ducks. They're pretty funny. They bite eachother and can get pretty agressive and even though they have no teeth it actually hurts when they bite you...from personal experience. Anyways, so after that we went to the blackberry bushes and found some bunnies in a clearing. They seemed cool at first, one came up to us right away while the other one was shy and stayed a couple metres away. After about a minute, they hopped over to eachother and then completely fipped out whenanimalsattack style...but on eachother. They jumped at eachother in mid air, scratching and clawing on contact, with a thud as they dropped to the ground....white bunny fluff flying. It was the craziest bunny behaviour I've ever seen. We stayed for about a half hour watching them do this several times.

That was my Saturday night.

Exciting, non?