Bryanna and the City

Monday, November 28, 2005

Where I'm from...we kill unwanted roommates...

Yeah, I know it's been like forever...Sorry, I've been busy/lazy/self-involved/stressed/happy/excited for the past couple of months. This semester is almost over...after I finish my remaining two exams, 3 essays, and 1 ethnography (which in the whole scheme of things is not a lot of stuff). Truthfully, this semester has been pretty great; in other words, I haven't suffered from any mental/emotional/snotfacedpuffyeyes/stress/induced breakdowns...and I'm not planning on having one any time soon.

Anyways, I just wanted to write about my unwanted roommate that steals my food, never cleans up after herself, causes a ruckas in the middle of the night and refuses to pay roommate...Ms. mouse (at least I'm hoping it's a mouse and not a rat). Yesterday, one of my human roomamates saw the little bugger skitter by when she turned on the lights and when I looked a little closer (apparently, we need to sweep) there did appear to be some mouse droppings (read: shit) on the tiled floor.

Okay, so I decided to put some peanut butter out last night on a piece of paper just to see what we were dealing with. This morning the peanut butter PLUS the paper were nowhere to be found....creepy!

My landlord is getting some traps for us tonight...perhaps I'll post some post mortem pictures tomorrow...kidding!