Bryanna and the City

Friday, April 29, 2005

New Look!!!!!!

So I decided to invest in my blog because, well, it's turned into my life. Wow, that's sort of a sad sentence...meh, whatever! I'm a Bloggie for life!!

Well, actually, to tell you the truth a couple of days ago I was going to delete it COMPLETELY.


I was fed up. I sat there with the mouse over the "Delete this Blog" button for about five minutes going back and forth. Do I press? Do I not press? Do I press? Do I not press? Obviously I didn't press. Want to know why? Because I realised that I love my blog and everyone who reads it. Yes, I did say love...I don't think people say it enough. And I do mean it. Excuse me while I break into a song....I believe in a thing called love...Yes, I'm a big dork. But you should have realised that by now.

So what now?

Now, I'm getting a new template! I was so envious of Jackie's and Melina's new sexy blog looks that I decided to go check it out for myself. Really, I just went to look. But then I saw it. It was already created by Rachel and it was perfect. It's called "Think in Pink". It's pink and teal (my two fav colours right now). And the girl's hair is all crazy like mine usually is at the end of the day. AND she has big pouty pink lips!

So look out! Breezy's getting a new look!

P.S. I may put comments back on because now I've turned into a check my gmail account every two seconds junkie! I didn't realise I had such an OCD personality!