Bryanna and the City

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I'll be back...

I really hurt my bum getting off the bus yesterday ( I have a large purple/blue bruise on my left cheek...that's "butt cheek" to prove it). Hence, I will not be able to write today...actually to tell you the truth I just don't wanna! Sorry, I think it's just a phase, unlike Moocow. I will be back when I have something to say. You're probably thinking, "but, Bry, you never really have anything to say...but you still write?" Well, I was going to tell you about falling hard on my butt on the bus not once, but TWICE yesterday, but(t) I'm not feeling up to it today. I was going to tell you about sending out the Toblerones and how if I had done this not even a month ago I would not have been allowed to send them (no food allowed to cross the border). Anyway, this has happened to me before...I'm sure it will pass.