Bryanna and the City

Monday, January 17, 2005

Oh yeah

I think it's about time I changed my phone number. This past month I've been haunted by men(<--euphemism) of relationships (<--euphemism) past at an alarming rate and it's starting to really, really annoy me. Honestly, boys, what's up with the random phone calls? I wasn't aware that January was please-give-me-another-chance-month! I think I'll take Tisha's advice (thanks, girl) and just growl at them the next time one calls...actually, on second thought, that might encourage them ... ah ha ha ha. All I have to say is that it's really not acceptable to call a girl you dated over 8 months ago on a Saturday night, especially when you've had the "look-dude-I'm-with-someone-new" conversation already.

Don't worry, changing my number is a joke (I'm not THAT passive aggressive). In fact, I think I gained half a b*ll this Saturday when I told Engineer Boy that "no" I would not be meeting up with him later that night and that "I've been dating someone that I really like for the past 2 months" and that "I'm not interested".

Speaking of this someone that I really like and have been dating for the past 2 months, last night he not-so-subtly commented that I have not blogged about him lately. He complained that Mr.P mentions have changed from "main attractions" into small "side-notes". He seemed somewhat hurt, so I said that I would write about him today. So, last night Mr. P and I picked up some groceries and I quickly whipped up spaghetti and a crab salad. It was actually pretty good considering the sauce was *gasp with an Italian accent* FROM A CAN! We ate and watched Garden State at the same time (multi-taskers that we are), which was a pretty good movie (not fantastic mind you). Okay, so this doesn't qualify as a "main attraction" Mr.P post, but it will have to do for now. There's not much to report on when things are going well ... I guess I'll just have to instigate a fight soon (for the sake of my blog).