Bryanna and the City

Sunday, January 09, 2005

This smells familiar...

So, I'm writing this in Buchanan at UBC... Ack! Gasp! The horror! And, of course, I chose the comp with the space bar that sticks...Ack! Gasp! The horror! It's actually really annoying, so this will probably be short (I have to press really, really, hard...grr...). Well, I really don't have much to say. What did I do this weekend? Hmmm...on Friday I had dinner (spaghetti with moose meat) at a friend of DD's Ex. Myself, along with Lexi, DD, and Ms. McKenzie crashed the men's ritual Friday boy's night. It was fun and the spaghetti was great. We ended up going to a pub after that where I met up with Mr.P. He got to meet the rest of my friends and I witnessed what it would have been like to have an older brother when DD's Ex started to question me about him. You know, like "what does he do? what are his intentions? how many kids does he want?" Anyways, I got my older brother's approval after he met Mr.P. *this is where I let out a huge sigh of relief*.

Saturday was extremely relaxed. I kicked Mr.P's butt in a "friendly" snow ball fight...I think he's still crying over it. Went to a great place on Granville called Paul's Omlettery (or something close to that) with Mr. P and his #1 side kick. After that, it's all a blur...besides my run (read:walk) before dinner in the snow. In Vancouver, unlike other places, people still run in the snow. Evidently, snow does not mean a 4 month hiatus from your regular exercise routine...who knew?

On my way back home, I witnessed the cutest dog in the world, who obviously had limited experience with snow. He was so happy and excited, with his tongue hanging out and his body covered in snow. He kept running up to me and jumping up and down and then would run away when I tried to pet him. Dogs like that make me miss Otis, which is weird because the little runt always hated the snow and cold weather.

Today, I woke up early to go to DD's for brunch. On my way to Kinko's, to get my work term report bound, I stopped and bought the Black Eyed Peas'new cd and the Bridget Jones, that I'm separated from my fish bowl friends I'll need something to listen to to keep me going.

So, here I am. At UBC because I had to drop off my work term report at the Arts Co-op office. When I entered Buchanan, this really strange feeling came over me. It was probably from the familiar smell, but I felt really anxious. You're probably thinking that I hate school, but I really don't, honestly, I actually enjoy it. However, i'm sure Freud would have a lot to say about my physical reaction today...whatever.

Okay, so this was long and painful and lame. It's turned into one of those, "I did this and this and that posts" and I hate those type of blogs. Sorry. I promise to vamp it up next time. I think this sticky space bar is draining my creativity one missed space at a time. Uggh! Enough.