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Thursday, January 27, 2005

I don't give a snit!

First things first…

I want to make one thing clear. I may be “passive aggressive” in my every day so-called “real” life, but the online sphere has never caused me to cower. If you don’t agree with what I say in MY Blog (hmm…funny how I have to defend what I write in my journal), feel free to voice your opinions. I will respect them and may agree with what you say or I may not, but something that I DO NOT RESPECT….ummm nope that wasn’t strong enough…let’s see…SOMETHING THAT I VIEW AS COWARDLY AND DEVOID OF ANY “MORAL FIBRE” is people who think it’s acceptable to voice their opinions “Anonymously” . To me these are not “opinions” because they DO NOT BELONG TO ANYONE. Don’t be scared…if you truly believe in what you write, then SIGN YOUR NAME. The reason I’m so perturbed this morning is that I checked my comments today and this is what I found:

At 5:33 PM, Anonymous said...
Honesty and moral fiber are always required.

In response to my comment:
At 3:19 PM, Bry said...
Tony,There's no logical explanation for shrink is investigating this for me. If I don't want to give my number to a guy I'll usually ask for his instead. On my birthday last year I borrowed my rooommates cell phone and pretended to put the numbers of three men into it. Little did they know that I had no idea what I was doing. Or, I will pull the "I have a boyfriend" card. At this level of human interaction (i.e. meeting someone at a bar) I really don't think honesty is expected or morally required. Just my personal opinion.

Okay, so Miss/Ms./Mrs./Mr. Anonymous on their “high horse” of human morality believes that “honesty and moral fiber are always required”. Huh? A wise professor taught me a couple years ago that statements without justification are useless. This, is a prime example.

So according to Anonymous, I should be honest to men who I do not want to give my number to. He or she believes that this would be the “moral” way to respond. Okay, let’s play a game Anonymous….I walk into a bar with a couple of girl friends. We get some drinks and then decide to head to the dance floor. While we’re out there enjoying ourselves a few men come over and start to dance with us. One of them offers to buy me a drink, but I’m not that interested in him and I don’t need another drink. He sticks around me the entire night. Okay, so at this point should I be honest? Should I tell him what I’m “honestly” thinking? Say to him, “look buddy, you’re not my type. You’re creepy and sleazy. You’re constantly looking at my chest and the thought of you coming any closer to me makes me want to vomit!” Because that’s what I “honestly” want to say. Do you see my point? My point is that honesty is not always the path to morality. Sometimes it IS more moral to tell this guy that I have a boyfriend.

Here’s an example that has been used time and time again. If a friend gets a hair cut that she or he really likes but you hate, should you be honest? Ummm NO! I’m not saying you have to tell him or her that you love it, but in my opinion telling someone you hate their new hair cut is not morally acceptable. Trust me. Whenever I straighten my naturally curly hair, it’s like I cut off my right arm to some of the women at work. Every effing time!!! I hear comments like, “oh, you straightened your hair….I like your curls better” or “what did you do to it?” or “I think God knows best”. Huh? What? DID I ASK FOR YOU HONEST OPINION? UMM…I DON”T THINK SO!!!!!! Maybe I should reply to them honsetly and say, “hmmm..ever thought of botox?” or “I liked your outfit better in the ‘80’s”. Sorry, I’m just being “honest”.

So yeah, I believe that “honesty” has its place, should be valued and respected, but if you really think that it’s “always required” then, honestly, you’re effing crazy.


I thought this entry was ready to post, but then I came across this:

At 11:16 AM, Anonymous said...
Well Missy in a Snit, surely even you should be able to understand that particularily in a bar with strangers is the ideal time for honesty and moral fiber. The old adage: the truth will set you free is apparently lost on you.

*Shudder* there are just too many things about those two sentences that make me want to scream! "Missy in a Snit"?!! "Surely even you"?!! "Old adage"?!! "the truth will set you free"?!!LOL!!!! Can you see the smoke coming out of my ears?!

Who are YOU? What do YOU have to hide? Huh? Huh? Huh? The truth will set you free anonymous...hmmm that sentence sounds familiar.