Bryanna and the City

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Nothing to do with swimming

This is for my fellow female readers. I live with two women and work with three others in very close quarters. I have one word to describe this…. synchronization. Our bodies are crazy, no? When did they decide that it would be a “good/ smart/ safe idea” for women who live together to experience such things at? the? same? time? I can see most of my male readers looking rather quizzical at this moment and thinking “huh? what is she talking about?” Well, I’m not going to explain…look it up yourself on Google (Type: women and synchronization). Anyways, it’s become apparent in the past three months that my body is definitely not a leader and merely a follower…yes, all I have to do is sit next to a women with low estrogen on the bus and then “oh, what do we have here?!” Perhaps this explains my look-at-me-sideways-one-more-time-lady-and-I’ll-scratch-out-your-eyes-with-my-dull-fingernails mood? I sure hope so.