Bryanna and the City

Friday, January 21, 2005


So I've been sitting here for about 30 minutes trying to think of something to write about. I had about 500 words written about how bloggers are able to make stupid experiences in their life seem funny/exciting/cool, but it had no focus AND was really lame. Hmmm.....err....have I told you about the time I used my roommates shower puff? Yeah? Oh, right...let me see...Ah ha!! I've got it! So, this entry should be entitled..."Why tell someone you're just not that into them, when you have a roommate that will do it for you for free".

For those of you who don't know the history behind Steve go here first ....

So on Wednesday night Mr. P and I hung out. We made soup and sandwiches for dinner and watched "The Secret Window" (BAD movie...predictable and just not my kind of movie...during the gross ending I kept saying "I don't want to watch this" over and over again..I'm sure Mr. P enjoyed that a lot). Anways, Mr. P picked me up at approximately 8:15...when I returned home that night, lo and behold the caller ID that never lies showed that Steve had called at approximately 8:20 (talk about great timing for me).

The next morning my roommate told me that Steve had called, so I asked her what he said ... Here's a rough composite of their conversation from what she told me went down, all I have to say is I think he gets the whole "She's just not that into" point now.

Roomie: Hello?
Steve: Hi, can I speak with Bryanna?
Roomie: oh, she just left ... is this Mr.P? (she's done this before to a few other guys, I get a kick out of it)
Steve: No.
Roomie: oh, would you like to leave her a message?
Roomie: err..okay.
Steve: ...just forget that I called.
Roomie: K, bye.
Steve: Bye.

So, I'm thinking he won't call anymore...although I have been wrong about these things before. I felt a twinge of guilt when she first told me the story, but then I remembered that HE was the one who wanted this to be "casual", HE was the one who waited two weeks to call, HE was the one who "didn't care" if I dated other people, and HE was the one who repeatedly called me the day/night he wanted to hang out (how 'bout a little courtesy, boy? It's not like I'm waiting around for you to call!). Anyways, I really don't like hurting people's feelings, but it's not like this guy was new to the dating game... he should have known better, mkay?

Last night our "replacement landlord" left us a message about a man she's seen walking through out yard about 4 times. She asked if we knew him and if we didn't she was going to tell him to stop snooping aroung the house. I've never actually seen the guy, but almost crapped my pants when I saw the dog right in front of our den window... anways, let's just say that I've been careful to lock both doors now. What really creeps me out is that I don't have blinds or curtains on my bedroom window. I thought this was okay because our yard is surrounded by a huge shrub and foot traffic by it is non-existent (this makes it even more disconcerting because the front yard is very private). Or so I thought...maybe he's enjoyed my pre-bedtime dance around my room? *Creepy*

So, to re-cap: One stalker down...and a new one on the table. Fabulous.