Bryanna and the City

Monday, December 20, 2004

Off the Record

Utterances of the english language in the past week:

"We just flew in from London."
- The response A.Y.G gave to the retail girl when she asked if they had been shopping all day.

"Did it take you long to learn the language?"
- Question asked by retail girl when told A.Y.G and N.M.G had been living in LONDON for a year.

"I hate Christmas. Santa can burn in H*ll."
- Respose a certain co-worker gave to me when asked what his plans were for Christmas.

"You're mad sexy, baby"
- What the "obviously gay to everybody else but himself" guy said to me at the party on Friday.

"How you DOin'??"
- What a 30/40 something man said to me on my way to DD's Saturday night in my sweats and my jacket hood on (I still got IT baby!).

"I better be getting my period soon..."
- Me to me after getting very "emotional" at the puppy store.

"The building maintenance guy just checked you out"
- Co-worker to me on our way to Starbucks

- Me to co-worker in response to previous quote