Bryanna and the City

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Waiting Game

Patience is something I will admit to not having much of. . . especially when it comes to waiting for that guy who you had a great time with last Saturday night to call. My girlfriends can attest to the fact that I'm pretty "loose" when it comes to giving my number to men, even to men that I have no intention of ever seeing in the flesh again, let alone actually answering their call. However, once in a "blue moon" I will meet a guy who interests me greatly and this is the problem I usually encounter. . .the men you want to call don't always find the time and the one's you wish you would have been quick enough to change the last digit on always do. I've spent weeks screening my calls to avoid an awkward phone conversation or even a pity first date, but when it's a man I'm very interested in the phone takes over the next two weeks of my life and every phone call that isn't him taunts me until I finally succumb to the realization that if he has not called in a week that he probably won't call at all. As a chronic overanalyzer I've spent nights wondering why this fantastic specimen of a man would have asked for my number and never made the call. Did he drop his cell phone in a puddle, erasing all of the numbers on his phone including mine and because he didn't know my last name he had no idea how to get in contact with me? Or did he have a serious car accident on his way home from the bar and suffered so much brain damage that he couldn't remember his own name let alone mine? Or maybe, just maybe in the dense and loud environment that we were in he didn't hear my number properly and when he tried to call me two days later he was greeted with a "thank you for calling johnny's pizza"? As a woman who has been phone stalked by men and dissappointed by others and who is sick of playing the waiting game, I say it's time for this insanity to stop! The answer to this problem is quite simple. The next time a man askes for my number, regardless of whether I intend on seeing him again or not, I will give him a sweet, innocent smile and say "why don't you give me yours?" . . .eliminating the waiting game and the avoidance game. The transition may take me a while to get used to, but it's definitely worth giving a try.