Bryanna and the City

Monday, March 19, 2007

I can never say "no" to free

The company I work for likes to spoil its employees, which, on the whole, is pretty sweet. Catered lunches during busy periods, company sponsored parties and social events, as well as a constant supply of snacks/coffee/tea/pop/juice makes going into work at 9:00 in the morning a whole lot easier. However, in recent weeks, I have developed an unhealthy dependence on diet sodas, diet Pepsi, to be exact. It started as a just-a-once-in-a-while treat, but has quickly escalated into a two cans-a-day, full-on addiction. I had been denying it for a week or so until someone "Wikipedia-ed" aspartame this past only took the word formaldehyde to scare me straight. So now, I'm cutting down to one-can-a-day, replacing the other can with at least two large glasses of water and, by next week, I hope to have it cut out completely. Wish me luck...I may get cranky.

*BONUS: If you want to see a really cute video of Sean's niece, Natalie, go HERE. I'm the dorky person holding her and I swear that's her letting out a toot at the end of the video.