Bryanna and the City

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Confession: I am a bad citizen.

This always happens to me.
I get on the bus after work.
Snag myself a comfy seat.
Pull out my current reading.
Read two lines.
The bus stops for passengers at the next stop.
And then.
Of course.
Without fail.
Granny McCanihaveyourseatpleasedear? makes her way on the bus.
And I - being all goddamn-not-again-this-happens-every-single-time - get up and offer her my seat before she even has to ask.
With a smile.
Of course.

Because my momma raised me that way.

Some day.
I will be old, too.

It doesn't stop me from thinking bad thoughts.

I know.
I'm terrible.