Bryanna and the City

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Early weekend update

For the past month, Sean and I have been doing a little no alcohol, caffeine, or McDonalds cleanse. Last night, in a flurry of Starbucks, rum and cokes, tequila and Big Extra meals, the cleanse officially ended. I actually had a really great time...until my body decided that it preferred to be alcohol free...Sean held my hair back for most of the night. Anyways, here are some pics. Sean decided to shave his full beard off this weekend, but in honor of Maciej's birthday, he decided to do this. Just for one night. I think he looks like a combination between Borat and a 70's porn star...that's hot.

Alright, giggidy giggidy...

My studly boyfriend

Jocelyn, Marsha, and Andrew

Sean and Maciej

Emma and I