Bryanna and the City

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Things I've noticed since I've moved back home:

1. Doing nothing all day isn't as fun when someone (read: my Dad) points out that I "have done nothing all day".

2. Privacy. Um, what's that?

3. I've heard the phrase, "I only expect you to do two things...keep your room clean and wash a bathroom every week" over five times already.

4. I've already forgotten how to plan meals and wash my own laundry.

5. I've used both "whatever" and "I don't care" as a response far too many times for a 22 year old woman.

6. Blogging from home isn't nearly as fun.

7. Hearing my mom say, "what kind of impression are you trying to give of yourself on your blog, Bryanna" in person, isn't nearly as fun.

8. Eating at the dinner table isn't nearly as fun as eating in front of the TV.

9. Dish washers rock!

10. Having a car rocks even more!