Bryanna and the City

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

My Christmas [EX]perience


Having to wake up at 6:15 in the morning to go to work at 8:30, only four days after Christmas, is just plain cruel. That's really all I'm going say about that...

So, as you may have noticed (I'm assuming that someone who reads this actually cares) I took a vacation from not only my favourite city, Vancouver, but from my Blog as well. As much as I resent not having three weeks off at Christmas, like my friends in school, only having a long weekend to stuff myself silly, significantly cut down on the damage. By "damage" I mean, pounds gained. On average, I gain about 5-10lbs each Christmas. Last year was even more significant because I lost about 8lbs due to stress and the Flu before I came home and subsequently ate like a starved dog that had been tied up in the backyard for 3 days without any food for the three weeks that I was home. Just thinking about it makes me think "Uugggh..".

Anyhoo, there was no excessive gorging this Christmas. Not because the food was bad or because I wasn't, no, my dears...because I had my first and hopefully last case of *cringe* ACID REFLUX. Terrible, gut wrenching, esophagus burning, golf ball in the back of your throat, excessive belching acid reflux. G.R.O.S.S. Oh, yeah! And the worst part was that it started (by "it" I mean extreme, doubled over cramping) while Mr.P and I were peacefully watching a movie. He was great. Concerned, but did not ask too many questions. Helpful, without being too pushy. AND, most importantly, was not grossed out (or just very good at disguising it). I, myself, was mortified! MOR. TI. FIED!! Okay, so we've been dating for a month, getting along quite well, but having to tell this guy (because he seemed so concerned) not to worry because it was probably just a bad case of gas was not the kind of intimacy I think either of us was ready for. However, it ended up working out great. We laughed (I actually couldn't because it hurt too much) and I joked that his last impression of me before I left for Kamloops would be of me holding my stomach and trying not to "let one rip" in front of him...and on that note...

Christmas with the family went "well". The quotations simply suggest that it was not a Brady Bunch Christmas... Don't get me wrong, my family is wonderful, but like every "normal" family in this world..we're somewhat neurotic when put in one small, confined space..which makes us all the more interesting and loveable...err right? The rents drove my sisters and I back down to Van yesterday. NMG and AYG will be flying out tonight...I won't be seeing them again until the summer when I fly out to London. The three Grace girls in Turkey and Greece?....Things may get a little....err...explicit...I mean, we definitely will have to check out the Catholic cathedrals in Greece :)

So, I mentioned in a previous post that Mr.P and his Ex are good friends. Sorry, I mean best friends. Which, before this weekend sort of bothered me. I was trying to be all..."no, it doesn't bother me that you still say 'I love you' to eachother" and disguised my insecurity when I said, "that's great that you still spend your birthday and Christmas with her and her family" (to clarify, his birthday is on Christmas day and I was not in town) , when I really was thinking "what the hell?! MOVE ON!!". Anyways, my stance changed this weekend.

So, here's some "Bryanna facts":

- My only "real" relationship ended over two years ago.
- We dated for over two years.
- It ended amicably.
- We remained friends.

However, I moved to Van for school and he stayed in Kamloops. We lost touch along the way, but every now and then we would catch up. On Monday, while back in Kamloops, we IM'd eachother and ended up hanging out that night. He's one of the kindest people I know and a wonderful friend. If anyone told me that I couldn't be friends with him I would freak out. When you've spent so much time with someone and shared so much, it's almost unnatural to cut them out of your life. And, if there are no "I still need you" feelings left, then why not remain friends? Yes, it's somewhat of a sticky situation when you start dating again. Yes, you may feel a knee-jerk reaction feeling of "you were suppose to love ME for the rest of your life!" when they tell you they've met someone new. But, that goes away just like my acid reflux went away. Having a guy friend that you've already dated is the best kind, I think, because you've already "been there and done that". There's no, "I wonder if we'd make a good couple?" question hovering in the air. The answer is obvious. No, you would not. Or else you would still be together.

So, I'm happy that Mr.P and his Ex are mature enough to remain friends. Err...but I'm still not sure if I'm mature enough to meet her yet.