Bryanna and the City

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Ho, Ho, Ho...Merry Christmas!

As I am heading to Kamloops tonight for the holidays and will be immobile with gluttony for the next 4 days, I thought I would spend some of my (work) time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Which, on further thought, is actually pointless because I will be spending Christmas with most my readers. So, here's a little update to keep you busy until I get back next Wednesday.

#1. My "super-chickdomness" has subsided (leaving me with extremely painful abdominal cramping).
#2. What about Mr.P? You're probably wondering...Mr. P is wonderful. He secretly left a present for me last night at my place...he's so cute (yeah I know...blech,'re probably wishing for super-chick to come back right now).
#3. Mr. P's presents to me were wrapped in wedding wrapping paper. When I questioned him about it he claimed ignorance. My response? "W. W. F. Sat", of course!
#4. I've already received and opened not 1, not 2, but 10 presents!!
#5. One word...TURKEY! YUM, YUM TURKEY!!!